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About us

Yang Yang is a professional printer in China with good reputation. Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, Yang Yang is able to offer quality printing service to cope with the different needs of our clients.

Currently, it has two production sites equipped with the following machines.
1x CTP (Brand: Scitex Lotem)
1x CTP (Brand: Ausetter)
1x 4/4C Printing Press (Brand: Heidelberg)
1x 4/4C Printing Press (Brand: Komori)
1x 5/1C Printing Press (Brand: Komori)
2x 4/0C Printing Press (Brand: Komori)
1x 1/1C Printing Press (Brand: Heidelberg)
5x Folding Machine (Brand: MBO)
1x Folding Machine (Brand: Stahl KC)
1x Folding Machine (Brand: Purple Magna)
1x Folding Machine (Brand: Faltex)
5x Sewing Machine (Brand: Aster)
1x Sewing Machine (Brand: KRISC)
1x Sewing Machine (Brand: Muller Martini)
3x Saddle Stitching Line (Brand: Muller Martini)
2x Perfect Binding Line (Brand: Kolbus)
1x Perfect Binding Line (Brand: Muller Martini)
3x Hard Cover Case Bound Line (Brand: Kolbus)


Contact: Bernie Yu

Phone: +86 159 1988 4629

Tel: +86 (755) 8996 2991

Email: yy@yangyangchina.com

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